Andy Fite & Maurice Kühn (Germany)

Maurice Kühn is a bass player who has been strongly inspired by the great Red Mitchell, with whom Andy recorded a CD, "Everybody Got Happy", in 1991. He has gone so far as to adopt Red's bass tuning, in fifths instead of fourths, with a low C on the bottom, giving him access to a sonic depth that other bass players can't get. And his playing concept is essentially lyrical and melodic, and he's very sensitive to what the soloist is playing. The overall effect is highly sympathetic and conversational.

Both the guys sing, and so at times you'll hear vocal harmonies and scat trade-offs, and other surprising turns of inspiration.

The duo has performed extensively since 2012, and also has a CD, "Blue Red", obtainable from Maurice's website

On occasion they have also augmented the duo into a trio with Andy's other duo partner Lina Ericson, and a quartet with pianist Manuel Seng and drummer Max Jentzen.