Jazz Comic Philosopher
Andy Fite is a unique performer who combines a very original and engaging improvising style on guitar and voice with an approach to the art of songwriting that is both serious and seriously funny.

With influences ranging from Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole, Charlie Parker and Lennie Tristano, Johnny Mercer and Tom Lehrer, to Bach and Chopin, not to mention Wilhelm Reich and Noam Chomsky, plus those damn male hormones, it’s safe to say you’ve never heard anything quite like him.

He sits alone on stage with his guitar, says hello, and makes up his mind as he goes along what to play for you. Each performance is unique. You’ll get a nice bunch of his songs, which take the style of Cole Porter forward a generation or two, some serious jazz improvising, and depending on his mood and the feeling in the room that night, a rant or two on the political state of the world, a musical setting of a spam e-mail or a speech by Abraham Lincoln, or he’ll tear off a bit from a Bach partita or start singing some of the solidest scat you’ve ever heard.

Or, who knows? Each performance is unique.