Praise for jazz guitarist, singer,
and songwriter
Andy Fite

"How do you explain Andy Fite?...The first time I heard Andy Fite my head spun around on my shoulders six times. ... [S]omewhere along the line he’s learned how to divide his mind perfectly and play such divergent counterpoint with himself that if you weren’t looking directly at him you’d think there were two people! His lines are going one direction while his chords go another. Eddie Lang would have loved it.... And Andy sings & scats as well. And it’s all musical, totally. Perfectly wonderful." --Mark Weber

"Andy Fite is no ordinary musical fellow.... He writes songs that somehow reflect David Frishberg, Fats [Waller] and something just Andy. His 20 From '10 gives you the 20 songs he penned last year.... It's unique and it's lots of fun.... He is one in a million." --Grego Applegate Edwards,

…”The surprise of the evening for me was Andy Fite… he sang and blew me away with his singing and improvising. I was really shocked... and am still in shock....a killer...”
--Sheila Jordan, March 11, 2006

”...a worthy heir to Monty Python’s music man Eric Idle. It was a great idea on the part of the organizers to include a musician among the ”normal” comedians…. Fite comes across as a gentleman, closer in spirit to Hasse & Tage than today’s more brutal humor. Classic.”
--Eric Süss, Arbetarbladet, Gävle, Sweden, July 15, 2011

“I have found that [Andy Fite’s] CDs really do lift me out of the deep black hole. Truth is i am in awe and gratitude. This constant invention… Every phrase and twist: This is truth.”
--Les Wilson, September, 2011

”Wonderful funny songs… terrific singing!”
--Rigmor Gustafsson

“Joy is an emotion too often missing from jazz recordings.... Fite is positively ebullient.... His improvisations never end up where you anticipate.... ” ”He doesn’t play any notes that don’t count…. His improvisations…display utter confidence in his own mastery of the instrument…. Fite deserves far more credit than he receives.
David Dupont, Cadence, 1992 and 1997

”With the very first song, he has us. Andy Fite gets right to everybody! Alone with his guitar he sits onstage with a smile on his lips. He has, by the way, a very pleasant voice…. Andy Fite is a crooning comedian with a guitar. A good one!
Mia Uhlin,
Ålandstidningen, Mariehamn, Finland, Feb. 2004

“....A whole different way to play the guitar, and it’s funky, and it’s for real, and it’s fresh.... It’s totally original. On the same six strings.... Beautiful.”
Red Mitchell, bassist, pianist, singer and songwriter, 1992

"I never thought of Andy as a jazzer - to me he's a songwriter. One that's bothered to learn the tradition & the instrument. One that understands that songs must be more than personal therapy. A love of music breeds curiosity, hard work & yes virtuosity. Someday I hope to achieve the level of spontaneity, flow & originality I've seen Andy produce day after day. Till then, I better get off fb & back to the songwriting!"
Daniel Mostovoy, Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 3, 2010

"Andy can put a song together in a few hours, I can assure you, you will pee your pants. First time he played I was hooked.... Laughed all the way home! Love it! Check out his site-- you will love him! XoXo"
--Taralynne Maclean (from the 55 Bar, NYC), note to a facebook friend, March 2010 (used with permission)

Andy Fite is a great entertainer. For those of us in Sweden who have been to see him play, his performances are always uplifting and enjoyable.”
Håkan Mauritzon, Smålands Posten,
Kalmar, Sweden, Sept. 2002

”He has a very pleasant way of presenting himself. Always a gleam in the eye, with a touch of melancholy…. It’s charming and deeply serious.
Lena Svensson, Östra Småland,
Kalmar, Sweden, Aug. 1998

“Dense, harmonically exciting, often dizzying melodic lines.... A red-hot temperament drives the music forward.... It’s strong-willed, rebellious and outspoken.... In Fite’s hands, the guitar is a multi-instrument: zither, string bass, the inside of a piano.... What other guitar player gets you thinking of John Cage? You’ll never get tired of this CD.
Agneta Westerberg, Orkester Journalen,
Stockholm, Feb. 1996, on Andy Fite: Whirlwind

Andy Fite plays the guitar like nobody else. Long, logical lines and an unerring time feeling, but above all a fresh stream from an unmistakably original melodic source. It’s a fantastic adventure to hear Andy”.... “Fite seems entirely aware of his mastery and this instinct deepens his playing even further..... World class, all categories!”
Bjarne Moelv, Folket, Eskilstuna, Sweden
May 21 and July 23, 1992

”Better than a hot bath!”
Andreas Linderman, Stockholm, Sweden

”I played your CD in one workshop in Finland and we all had the same opinion:
your music is something that should be listened to every day.”
Helin-Mari Arder, jazz singer, Tallinn, Estonia

“Sounds good. Maybe in a hundred years it’ll be a big seller.”
Billy Bauer, guitarist, on Whirlwind

”You sing with a pure heart! Beautiful!!”
Jelena Jovović, jazz singer, Belgrade, Serbia, November 2010

Everybody loves Andy Fite!
Anar Tagi-Zade, jazz singer

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