A Chance At A New Beginning
A Holiday For Gompers
A Morning Mystery
A Penetrating Glance
All Of My Friends Are Starting To Get Impatient With Me
All Right, I'm Forty Now
Anytime You Want Me
Bye Bye Honey, Don't Forget Me
Can You Believe I'm Gonna Leave You?
Can You Tell Me Once More?
Casting My Pearls Before Swine
Chilly In Winter
Cindy Was Her Name
Come And Get Me
Constructive Criticism
Darling I Love You
Did You Ever Lose An Argument?
Do Any Of The Following Apply To You?
Do You Know What? (I'm Starting To Like You)
Does This Lady Love Me?
Don't Cry
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Don't They Know It's Valentine's?
Dumb To Be Dumb
Everybody Loves You
Exodus 21, 1-25
First We Break Up
Fixin' Up A Teardown
Go Someplace Else
Guilty As Charged
Help Yourself
Here We Are
Here's A Bit Of Trouble
Hoping All Your Dreams Come True
I Breathe Out
I Didn't Call You Yesterday
I Don't Believe In You
I Don't Mind About The Blues
I Don't Need To Kiss You
I Don't Need You
I Don't Want To Be Here
I Feel Like Doing Something Stupid
I Go To Work
I Guess You Thought I'd Wait
I Had A Love But I Didn't Really Like Her
I Like Bach
I Love To Laugh
I Love Your Lungs
I Realize I'm Better Off Without You
I Really Need Your Love Tonight
I Wanna Die
I Want To Be Wonderful
I Was Hoping To Sleep With You
I Wonder What's Under Your Clothes
I'd Rather Come Home To You
I'm A Visionary
I'm Here For You
I'm Waiting For You
I've Got A Woman
If I Were A Movie
In The Fall When You Were Twenty-two
It Isn't You
It Was Love At First Sight
It Was Really Your Roommate I Wanted
It's A Long, Long Way From B To A
It's Great, It's Awful, It's Good, It's Bad
Just One Time
Kindergarten Blues
Lies! Lies! Lies!
Luther And Floe
Maybe I Was Looking For A Miracle
Maybe Once You'll Let Me Win
Mayday, Mayday
My Visit To An Anarchist Collective
No Way, No Chance, No Deal
Obvious, Isn't It?
Oh Yunny, I Huv Lou
Oh... Gee I Love You
On The Rewards Of Helping Others
On This Lovely April Morning
One Life To Live
One Lovely Day
One Midsummer Night
Other People's Problems
Permanently Screwed
Prelude No. 10 (2004)
Prelude No. 9 (2004)
Quit Whining
Really Just Friends
Regular Old Neurotic
Say It Three Times Fast
Sex With My Ex
So Vote For Me
Stick With Your Addiction
The Life I'm Living
The Second Best Thing
The Summer When You Were Twelve
Time For My Therapy
Tomorrow May Come
Traveler, Who Are You?
Trick Or Treat
Turn The Page
Understand Me Love
Very Funny
We Need A Place
What Am I So Afraid Of?
What Are You Thinking?
What Are You, One Of Them Rollercoasters?
What Do You Do When The Lord Comes To Town?
What You Can Tell Her
When Bix Beiderbecke Was Your Age
When I See Your Face
When I Was Alone
When Someone You Love Is Dying
When You Think You Know Everything
When You Want Somebody So Bad It Hurts
When You're Not Good Enough
Where Are You? It's Christmas!
Would It Mean You Didn't Love Me?
X-Ray Specs
Yeah But Death, You Know, Isn't Permanent
You Don't Know How Much I Loved You
You Think I've Got It Made
You Wanted Me
You're Alive
You're Always Older Than Your Picture
You're Analyzing Me
You've Seen Summertime
Zap! You're Gone

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