May 3, 2016
On my way to Estonia overnight! Friday evening I'll play at the Songwriters Festival in Tartu, part solo, and part in duets with the very lovely wonderful Helin-Mari Arder.
Saturday, noon I think it is, I'll do a songwriting workshop, tell what I can about my method and the things I think are most important in that art form.
Then Saturday night Helin-Mari and I will play a concert at Philly Joe in Tallinn.
Did you know I met Philly Joe a couple of times? I can even tell one pretty crazy story...

March 28, 2016
The three biggest things coming up at the moment are: a gallery show of my expressionist pastels, jackets, ties and hats, at Farbror Nikos, Katarinavägen 19 in Stockholm. The show is up April 1-15 and the opening is Saturday April 2, with a jam session to celebrate.
Monday April 4 I go to Copenhagen for a week and will play four shows, singing my songs...
And the first weekend in May I will be in Tartu, Estonia for the songwriter festival there, where I will play both solo and duo with the wonderful Helin-Mari Arder.
Planning also a CD release as soon as possible, "I Wanna Die (and Other Requests)", and have started recording the next big project, a jazz inflected and heavily reinterpreted set of the complete Bach Violin-Clavier Sonatas.

February 29, 2016
Today I end my 5-week visit home. A week in Pittsburgh, a month in New York. So many wonderful things have happened, so many new friends made, and so many old friendships deepened. And so much music! On the flight tonight my thought is to snub the entertainment system and write the diary I would have been keeping all along if I hadn't been so busy living it. I'll post it later. The names I'll drop, oh dear heaven!

Thanks a lot everyone. It's been an incomparable joy.

October 1, 2015
Back recently from a sweet tour in Germany with the wonderful guitarist Niklas Fite (my son!) and our band Picksburgh!, with Maurice Kühn on bass and Max Jentzen on drums. The Saturday jams are continuing at Farbror Nikos, Katarinavägen 19, a short stroll up the slope from Slussen in Stockholm. There are two gigs for me at the upcoming Stockholm Jazz Festival: Tuesday Oct. 13, Picksburgh! will play at Stampen in Gamla Stan, starting 8 PM. Friday Oct. 16 I'll play a lunch concert at S:ta Clara Bierhaus with Lina Ericson featuring songs from our recent album Oh, the Pain of It All! This one goes from 12:30 to 2:00 PM. In between, I'll be sharing a concert with songwriters Maja Heurling and Daniel Östersjö at Folkkulturcentrum in Hjorthagen. There I believe I'll feature mainly the new songs nobody much has heard yet, from the album I'm just beginning to record, to be titled Vanadis Nights.

May 10, 2015
I'm in the middle of a fun stretch now. Last night was a beautiful concert with singers Cajsa Zerhouni and Irene Lundberg. Now tomorrow I'm on the Cinderella cruise overnight (Tuesday too) with the wonderful Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia. Wednesday I'm zipping over to Denmark for a solo concert at V58 in Århus. Saturday afternoon is the jam at Farbror Nikos, Katarinavägen 19, and Sunday I play a solo concert at KHIMAIRA, Anna Lindal's beautiful performance space at Sofiagatan 1, in Södermalm. Then Monday a lunch concert at Kulturama with Emmy Åsblom, Jutta Stolt and a couple of others who I guess I'm not fb friends yet with...
Then I guess it's time to start recording the new album. "Empathy", gonna be a nice one.

April 13, 2015
Going to Germany today to play a couple of solo shows, Wednesday at Café Vinyl in Wetzlar and Thursday at Café Amelie in Gießen, followed by a gang of gigs with my good friend, bassist/singer Maurice Kühn. We'll play at Kneipenbühne in Oberweiling Saturday, then onto Mannheim, Kassel, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Mainz. Fun!

February 24, 2015
After nearly a year without a stage, No Paper Jam, an improvisers' session with a focus on playing by ear and creating something new and beautiful together, is coming back! We have booked five Saturdays, starting 2PM and running till 4:30 or 5:00, starting February 28, and continuing through March. If it works out well for the place, we'll continue through May. The place is so nice! Farbror Nikos, a Greek café at Katarinavägen 19, a short walk up from Slussen on what I have always thought was the most spectacularly beautiful street in the spectacularly beautiful city of Stockholm. The food is lovely, and I don't think I've ever been to a place in this town where the people working smile so much! The house duo is bass great Ulf Åkerhielm and me. We'll play two or three to set the tone and then open it up for guests. Singers and players get equal respect.

January 27, 2015
Good things all the time! Released an album of solo guitar improvisations, Alone in Stockholm, which I'm very pleased about. Exploring counterpoint, chromaticism and some rhythmic things that interest me. Got word from Grace Black in Scotland that she's playing some of it on her radio show. Received also tonight an invitation to be on the voting panel for the Pittsburgh Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Some sweet tours coming up in March and April, some nice chances to play here in Stockholm coming up before that, and a solid plan for the coming year's recordings...

November 30, 2014
On my way to Turku, Finland overnight for a couple of days of rehearsal with Marjan Raar's dance company, and her wonderful piece "Falling Free Into Another Dimension", which we will perform in Pargas Wednesday and Friday. Next Monday through Wednesday, Dec. 8-10, I'll be giving workshops in all three of the major music schools in the northern capital Oulu. Very exciting times, new experiences about to be had!

August 13, 2014
Here I am in Copenhagen for the wonderful Copenhagen Songwriters Festival. I'll do a workshop Saturday the 16th at 13:00 titled "Meaning, Melody, Rhythm and Rhyme: the Art of Getting a Song to Write Itself, and then, 21:00, play a solo concert. New songs, mostly. So nice to be back!

May 15, 2014
Berlin! Tonight is my night at Hotel Brandenburger Hof (Eislebener Str. 14, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf), 18:00-18:45, then 20:00-21:00.
I'll play solo some, sing some of my songs, probably tear up a standard or two, and also be joined by Mette Nadja Hansen, who is fantastic fun to play with!

Mar. 24, 2014
Have released a crazy album, We the People: Kaleidoscopic Readings of the Founding Documents of the USA. At this writing it is already up at iTunes, and should also be available within days from CD Baby (you get your best price there, and I get a better cut, if you're downloading, and I expect Spotify to have it for streaming at any moment.
Plans are beginning to coalesce for my trip to Germany in May. Mainz, Strasbourg (that's France of course), Frankfurt and Fürth/Odw. are already set, plus three gigs so far in Berlin. Karlsruhe and Würzburg are in the works but not yet confirmed... If you find me at Facebook, I'll be more specific as to dates and venues. I'm a bit better about keeping things current there.

Feb. 22, 2014
In Copenhagen, with a set tonight at Blågårds Apotek at 23:00 as part of the festival Copenhagen Vinterjazz. Playing also Sunday, Monday and Wednesday here in town. Check my facebook page for details.

November 20, 2013
There's a new album! Actually two, since the last time I updated this page! 12 new songs on each, completing for the second time now, a trip through the complete 24-key cycle. In June I released Let's Not Even Talk About It, and now last week I uploaded Everyone Else Had Been Drinking. Still playing the Wednesday nights at Wirströms in Stockholm... Saturday, November 30 I will play a concert with the 2-guitar quartet Picksburgh with my brilliant son Niklas Fite, at Café Tjärlek in Stockholm. December 1 I will travel north to Ljusdal to participate in a benefit concert for the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Then there's a run of five nights of solo sets doing the true Jazz Comic Philosopher thing in Copenhagen. I'll play Råhuset, Mojo, Black Swan, Blågårds Apotek and Retro. That's Sun-Thur, Dec. 8-12. Fun!

eaMay 17, 2013
Have had a wonderful spring with trips to Germany and Denmark, a lot of new songs written, beautiful students and healing clients, and now a steady Wednesday night in Stockholm at Wirströms Pub, Stora Nygatan 13 in Gamla Stan, in the band with Derrick Walker, Molle Molin and James Bradley Jr. Also, I've started a blog. Have a look there: The other place I do consistently update is facebook, if you'd like to know what's going on with me right now.

Feb. 24, 2013
Spent January and the first half of this month recording, and I find that of the songs I wrote in 2012, 17 out of 17 are keepers! It will be released as a download as soon as I can solve one small technical problem, under the title Luther and Floe. Meanwhile, Ulf Åkerhielm and I are starting up again with our ears-only No Paper Jam at this wonderful cozy place Café Tjärlek. Tjärhovsgatan 19, Södermalm. Sunday afternoons, March 3, April 7, May 5 and June 2, 16:00. Tell your friends!

Jan. 7, 2013
Slowly coming into motion after the Christmas break, I'm recording now on a daily basis. There are about 30 songs written in 2011 and 2012 that I have not yet documented. When I've got them all, I guess I'll pick out the best 15 or so and that will be the next album. Teaching and the healing work have already started nicely, and there's a solo concert coming up Saturday Jan. 19, at Café Tjärlek in Stockholm, Tjärhovsgatan 19, Södermalm.

Oct. 5, 2012
Recording multi-guitar transformations on patriotic American songs to fill out my album of kaleidoscopic settings of Dada poems based on Inaugural Addresses from Kennedy to Obama, to be titled "From the 20th of January: Presidential Psychedelia". I'll be in Germany in November, with gigs in Nürnberg, Oberweiling, Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim, Ettlingen, Heidelberg, Fürth/Odenwald, Mainz, Strasbourg, and Berlin.

June 27, 2012
Have begun the project to set my complete cycle of 24 solo guitar preludes in type. So far I've got numbers 9 and 10 (A-flat Major and G-sharp Minor) finished and available here under Media for free download. You can hear the music (24 Preludes (2004)) at Spotify, or purchase downloads at iTunes or CD Baby.

June 11, 2012
The new album, The Prince: New Readings from Machiavelli and Don Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa is now available for download at, and is also already up at Spotify.

May 17, 2012
Making some progress working with the music-writing program Sibelius. It starts to be fun. The backlog of songs I've composed but not written down is enormous now, and as I work to rectify that, you'll be finding more songs here. Today I've uploaded my newest song, Turn the Page. Go in at Media, then Sheet Music, and grab all you want, all free. (Just let people know, if you ever perform one, whose song it is and maybe where you got it. Thanks!)

April 28, 2012
Coming up in the next couple of days, the download release of my 2004 recording Preludes and Holidays, a collection of songs for New Years, Valentine's, Easter, May Day and so on through Christmas, each song preceded by an improvisation on a Chopin Prelude. It will come first to and soon after to iTunes, and eventually (quickly? slowly?) to Spotify. Just search my name and a gang of albums come up now! 16 in 16 months. Don't know yet what I'll put out in May, but there's plenty left, it should be a good one...

April 3, 2012
Been performing quite a bit lately!
Most notably the week in Berlin
sharing shows with Lena Tjäder and playing with Andreas Schmidt and Birgitta Flick, and then those five
shows in Copenhagen just doing songs
of my own. It was fantastic fun. I'll play
a show in Stockholm April 11 at Fenix
in Södermalm with the very beautiful singer Isabella Hagos, the jam session
at Amsterdam/Aguéli (Blecktornsgr. 9, near Mariatorget) with bassist Ulf Åkerhielm on April 25, 18:30-21:00, a lunch concert at Kulturama in
Hammarby Sjöstaden with the incomparable Lina Ericson, 12:15 on
April 27. And May 15 at 20:30 I'll play
a guest role in a concert that means a
lot to me: Amanda Ginsburg sings
Andy Fite, at Kägelbanan.
The way this girl sings!

Meanwhile the project to release my
large backlog of recording projects,
one per month, continues. The March
release, available at this writing from CD Baby
andyfite14) and
hopefully from iTunes in a day or two,
is my Oratorio: the 5th of February, 2003 - Colin Powell at the UN.
Talking Guitar, Vocal Kaleidoscope, a convential song, an exercise in Spoonerism, some Bach as well as
a fugue and a canon of my own;
I am hugely entertained by this music, and I learned a great many things about music in the process of
trying to make music from a text as deadly as that speech. Many did indeed die, and I hope this music
captures the tragedy as well as
the absurdity of this awful event.

Nov. 26, 2011
The project to release my backlog of recordings from the past 15 years, one album a month, continues! The October release, A Different Temperament: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, has gone over very well it seems, and I will say that for sure at the least it's an approach to Bach not quite like any other, and that you get a lot of music for your money-- the thing runs nearly two hours. The November record is a collection of songs, My ABCs: 26 Songs in English, a suite of songs written from titles, and the titles based on the 26 letters of the alphabet. It did amaze me what a range of feelings and ideas a childishly simple idea like that shook loose! December is coming up fast, and with it a second release for vocal kaleidoscope. Stay tuned....

Oct. 20, 2011
Can one ever TRULY update a website? Takes time! Anyway, here today I have at last put up descriptions of my current performing combinations: besides my solo show, Jazz Comic Philosopher, you can now read something about Lina Ericson & Andy Fite: "What Do You Want to Do?" and Picksburgh!, as we call it when I play duo or quartet with my brilliant son Niklas. There are pictures of these lovely people here now too (click Media). The other big news is that I've got new Bach album coming in the next few days to CD Baby....

Aug 29, 2011
My newest release, 24 Preludes (2004), is available now for download at CD Baby. Here's the link:
eaHere's one reaction, from Philip Byrne in the UK, at my facebook page this morning:
"I've downloaded the 24 Preludes album and just finished listening to it. Fabulous! One of the best solo guitar albums I've ever heard, and believe me I've heard 'em all. Wonderful compositions played with sensitivity and if that's not enough it swings as well. Well done on producing such a great piece of work."

Aug 16, 2011
My new video is up and, though I've got 138 songs up at the andyfite channel, and with the exception of the wonderful cartoon version of me on I Miss Jesus, this is the very first professional production:
Gunnar Hoaas is the man behind it. Great guy to work with!

July 26, 2011
It's up, my precious new multi-guitar kaleidoscope Farewell Forever! You can listen free to half a minute of it at, and the whole piece is yours for $1.49 USD.

July 24, 2011
A new recording is uploading to CD Baby as I write this and should soon be at iTunes. It's a special one for me, the last recording (runs just over 7 minutes) from the studio I've had for the last 13 years, which I'm being forced to leave now. Farewell Forever is the title, and it feels in some way to me like a summation of everything I've ever been through, and everyone I've ever known. Not to be too dramatic about it, I think if I died anytime soon, I think this might be music for the funeral.... It's a new technique for multi-guitar playing which I was forced to invent some years back when I was faced with the 29th Goldberg Variation, and which I used again later to record the G major Prelude from the first book of the Well-Tempered Clavier. It only occurred to me this spring that I could use this method to create music of my own as well. I do believe it's a new sound.

July 7, 2011
20 Years, my album of 21 songs from 2001, is available for download at last. This is the one with I Wanna Die (so many people have asked for that one over the years, now here it is!), as well as Cindy Was Her Name, When Someone You Love Is Dying, My Visit to an Anarchist Collective, Don't Quit Your Day Job....This is a straight-up, acoustic, direct-to-stereo recording, just the way you'll get it if you hear me live. This was about the time when I feel I really hit my stride as a songwriter. Please go to iTunes or and listen to the samples, and yes yes, please please, buy!

March 5, 2011
Berlin coming up: Monday March 7 I'll be a guest at Andreas Schmidt's Monday night stage at A-Trane in Charlottenburg; Tuesday I'll play a trio gig with a terrific tenor player, Birgitta Flick, and a bassist I look forward to meeting named Christian Fischer. Thursday I'm in a songwriter contest, Troubadour - Modern Minstrels, at WABE, Danziger Str. 101 in Prenzlauer Berg. Berlin's fun.

January 14, 2011
It wasn't so hard! The new album is now available for purchase online at
You can also find it on iTunes, and I believe soon a number of other places. Now that at last I've seen how it's done, I plan to start the process of getting my backlog of ca. 45 albums up there also. CD Baby!

January 8, 2011
A new year, a new CD! The release concert is Thursday, Jan 13, 19.00, at Kafé Klavér, Rutger Fuchsgatan 5, (Skanstull) Stockholm. I call the album "20 from '10: Feelings, fantasies, fun-facts and phil." and it is the complete story of my life as a songwriter in 2010-- every one of the 20 songs I wrote over the course of the year. Check my media page: I'm putting three tracks up right now on the streaming section: Regular Old Neurotic, I'm Gonna Kill You , and a duet with the wonderful LIna Ericson titled What Do You Want to Do? I have high hopes for this one.

Sept. 23, 2010
Well, Vienna was a dream and there is video of the concert with Agnes Heginger. One song (Come and Get Me) is up at already, and more is coming. Berlin is beautiful and inspiring as always. Tonight is Spinnrad, Saturday is Mastul. I also had the pleasure of recording some guitar solos for the soundtrack of Bright Blue Gorilla's coming film "Lose With English," a funny, funny movie.

Sept. 9, 2010
Headed out next week for Vienna-- first time! And I'm playing Thursday Sept. 16 with an idol and an influence of mine, the incredible singer Agnes Heginger, at Varein08. I'll do a jazz singers' workshop also while I'm there, and then I'm off to the beautiful little Franconian village of Oberweiling, where Golly Hertlein runs one of the sweetest music rooms I've ever played, Kneipenbühne (, to play a solo Jazz Comic Philosopher show. Then Berlin! And Monday Sept. 20 at A-Trane ( with the great creative jazz pianist Andreas Schmidt. On Saturday the 25th I have an invitation to join the wonderful songwriter/filmmaker duo Bright Blue Gorilla and do some of my songs on their gig at Mastul ( I'm also playing a straight-ahead jazz thing with a rhythm section I have yet to meet, Thursday the 23 at a sweet neighborhood place called Spinnrad (Wiesbadener Str. 16, 12161 Berlin, Steglitz-Zehlendorf) Fun!eaeaJune 24, 2010
The last couple of weeks I've been sitting in on the comedy open mike at O'Connell's in the Old Town here in Stockholm. Now last night I did a set to close a night with a gang of dynamite comedians just down the street from there at the Liffey, and heaven help me, I got laughs. Learned a lot too. I'm going back to O'Connell's this Sunday. I've been dreaming of this for a long time; now, I think, is the time. I'm going for it.

June 11, 2010
I'm thrilled right now to see this beautiful write-up in The Local, the English-language news source here in Sweden.

May 16, 2010
Another half dozen of my songs are now available here as sheet music for free download. There are now over 100, and more on the way, since not only am I still getting wonderful help from my friend Ingemar Carleman to get them ready for publication, but now I've learned enough to do some of this myself. There are still about 300 songs to be done, and (sigh) I'm writing again lately too. So if this interests you, keep checking in. (Go in at Media, then click Sheet Music.)

eaMay 9, 2010
Back in Stockholm now, I've settled into the long happy task of looking through all the video from my US trip in April. I've been putting things up, one every day or two, at
So far I've got my old song It Was Really Your Roommate I Wanted, a soft bossa Born to Be Wild, an upside-down solo vocal version of my Maybe I Was Looking for a Miracle with You, and a duet I'm very pleased with, with alto saxophonist Gary Levy on 317 East 32nd.
I may be leaving something out, but there's a lot of new stuff there and more coming soon. (Even more than I thought, in fact: I had a look at the film from my date in Vordingborg, DK, in March, and it seems to be a lot better than it felt!) ea

eaIn New York City. Playing with my NY band the Andy Fite Funtet at 6PM today at Puppets Jazz Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on 5th Ave. at 11th St.
Tomorrow night at 8 I'll do the full
Jazz Comic Philosopher thing, solo and fully acoustic, at Pulse Studio, 1100 Dean St. #5 (between Franklin and Bedford in Crown Heights).
Flying home to Stockholm Monday night, and Tuesday 18.00-21.00 we're up again at Aguéli (Blecktornsgränd 9 in Södermalm) and our spontaneous session, No Paper Jam.
I adore New York, but it will be nice to be home!

Copenhagen tonight! The show is at Kvarterhuset in Amager. Brett Perkins hosts, and the feature performer is Annika Fehling. I'm doing a 3-song guest shot. Saturday Annika and I share a show at Stars in Vordingborg, organized by Andy Goggin. Back in Stockholm Sunday for a set on a show at Folkkulturcentrum in Hjorthagen with Eva Hillered and Anna Stadling, starting at 3 PM. Then Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 9 it's No Paper Jam at Aguéli, the improvisers' open stage, with bassist Ulf Åkerhielm and me as the houseband.

4 new videos at today, and here today I've got the 5th prelude & fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2. Go to Media, Listen, then scroll down the list on the left. These came out a little different from the way you usually hear them....

Vacation week here. Next is Berlin! Monday March 15 at A-Trane. The star of the gig is my son, guitarist Niklas Fite, with Andreas Schmidt and others. I'll just be playing a few tunes during the evening. Then to Denmark March 25-27!

Looking forward to the gigs next week: No Paper Jam at Aguéli Tuesday and a gig with Christian Paulin's quartet at Stampen Wednesday. Please check for my calendar.
Meanwhile, we've got two more songs available here for free as sheet music (go in at Media). We're getting near 100 songs now! Thanks to my friend Ingemar Carleman for his many hours of excellent work on this.

I'm getting very active at lately. And I've got one video that's gotten some notice. Closing in on 10,000 plays now after only five days! It's here:
There are now over 40 videos there so far on the andyfite channel.
A very nice series of gigs starting up soon. Go to for my complete calendar.
Still doing better at keeping things current over at myspace. This month I've launched a second page there, Andy Fite's Art Music Page, where at the moment I'm featuring my new opus, The Prince: New Readings from Machiavelli and Don Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa.
New Year's Resolution! I will do more to keep this site updated and of interest! In the meantime, I HAVE been good about keeping things fresh at This site (here) is still the better place to find out about me in a little more depth, but for what's current, myspace is currently the place to look!
Back from New York and an incredible week and a half of playing with Connie Crothers, Gary Levy, Ray Parker, Lorenzo Sanguedolce, Adam Lane, Nick Lyons, Christiana Drapkin, Debbie Deane, Todd Capp, Charles Sibirsky, Dan Shuman and others. Next stop Berlin and a full day's jazz vocal workshop June 14. Drop me a line ( if you'd like info on it. Please check my myspace space ( for my upcoming performances.

Headed back to New York, May 5-16, planning to spend the time jamming with my brilliant friends. One gig: Freddy's Backroom, Monday May 12, 9PM. ea

eaOn my way to Estonia, and then Åland (Finland) to play with Helin-Mari Arder. I've gotten so far behind, I never updated my calendar! The Estonia dates are at, and there's info on Åland at Hope to see some of you!

Oh yes! From now on the guest book will be free from spams. So write your hearts out, everyone!ea
Haven't yet figured out how to erase that spam from my guestbook.
New songs coming fast and furious, and I've got a couple of new musical "Lectures" almost ready...

On tour in Germany with Andrea Wolper and Ken Filiano, Nov. 9-11ea

Andy off to NYC on 13th Oct for a series of gigs.

new Sheet-music to download, new music for listening.

Tour dates updated.

New website is now open.