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Here is a complete list of titles currently available for streaming and download, most recent listed first. You can search my name at the various sites and most of them will come up, but I'll give the links to CD Baby, which is my initial release portal. If you're downloading, it's probably cheaper there than the other places, depending on where you live. Certainly it's best for me if you get it from there, since there's one fewer middleman taking a cut. (Never forget the root meaning of the word Entrepreneur: BetweenTaker!) Additional descriptions of some of the albums follow the list...

Another album of songs from Jazz Comic Philosopher Andy Fite, these written 1992-2009 and dedicated to the proposition that everybody deserves a break, or at least a little understanding.

Oh, the Pain of It All!
Let’s not call it a battle. It's a dance! The Dance of the Sexes. Flirting, or fighting, or just singing together in sweet harmony, Lina Ericson and Andy Fite shed new and amusing light on this most painful and entertaining of human interactions.

Alone in Stockholm: Improvisations, 2014
Andy Fite, songwriter, philosopher, singer and comedian, is, first and last, an improvising guitarist. In this, his first improvised solo guitar album in 12 years, he explores chromaticism, counterpoint and crazy rhythm in some very interesting new ways.

A Temperamental Muse
Jazz Comic Philosopher Andy Fite returns with 15 new songs for love, death, joy and disappointment, one Bach Invention fitted out with words, and including a handful of short talks set for Talking Guitar Kaleidoscope, a sound we'll bet you've never heard.

In Bach's Embrace: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2
Jazz guitarist Andy Fite continues his explorations of the music of JS Bach, its deeply swinging character, and its possibilities as a basis for improvisation.

The Thing On My Mind
Adolescent fantasies and mature obsessions. Andy Fite with his voice and guitar, a guest shot by singer Amanda Ginsburg, help from Cajsa Zerhouni, and a few tastes of the Guitar Kaleidoscope.

Everyone Else Had Been Drinking
The Jazz Comic Philosopher is back for the third time in 2013 with an album of new songs celebrating romance, seduction, true love, wild parties and a world owned and operated by big banks.

Let's Not Even Talk About It
The Jazz Comic Philosopher is back with an album of brand new songs inspired by smiling girls, warm weather, disappointment, loneliness, love, sex, trauma, technology, breakups, flings, and flirtations. This one is available on CD.

We the People: Kaleidoscopic Readings of the Founding Documents of the USA
Andy Fite takes you on a romp through the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution in settings for Talking Guitar Kaleidoscope and multiple voices.

Luther & Floe: New Songs, 2012
A collection of 17 laughing-and-crying songs written in 2012, revealing, among other things, that "maybe" and "baby" don't only rhyme with each other!

From the 20th of January: Presidential Psychedelia (1961 - 2009)
Dada poems inspired by the Inaugural Addresses of US Presidents from Kennedy to Obama, in a setting for musical kaleidoscope by jazz guitarist & singer Andy Fite.

Song at the End of the World (recorded 2003)
Seventeen songs and three instrumentals created and recorded in a state of high anxiety watching history unfold in the winter and spring of 2003, and dedicated to the dream of a world without warriors.

Melancholy Variations/Four Days in Life (recorded 2000 - 2001)
A Bach-loving jazz guitarist in two settings: a set of twenty-five short variations, including canons at different intervals, for solo guitar (guess what tune they're based on!), and a four-movement contrapuntal composition for four guitars.

The Prince: New Readings from Machiavelli and Don Carlo Gesualdo Da Venosa
The Jazz Comic Philosopher visits 16th-century Italy with a Vocal Kaleidoscopic reading of Machiavelli's instructional manual "The Prince", framed by a few multi-guitar arrangements of madrigals by an actual prince, Don Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa.

Preludes and Holidays
New songs for some of the holidays we love, each with its own prelude, improvised from Chopin.

Oratorio: the 5th of February, 2003 - Colin Powell at the UN
Guitarist-singer-composer Andy Fite's musical setting of Colin Powell's infamous 2003 speech to the UN Security Council; Vocal Kaleidoscope, Talking Guitar, Hep Hop, Bach Chorales and other surprises point up and amplify the tragic absurdity of the event.

Rhythm's the Thing
An album of solo acoustic guitar improvisations expressing a high level of rhythmic and harmonic complexity: turned-around phrases, deceptive resolutions, long lines, and counterpoint. Fiery and fun.

Time for My Therapy
Jazz guitarist, singer and songwriter (also body therapist) Andy Fite in a set of 15 original songs from 2008. The funny ones are hysterical, the rest are absolutely dead serious-- there is no middle ground on this one.

From the Book of Revelation
The dream of St. John the Divine in a unique setting for vocal kaleidoscope.

My ABCs: 26 Songs in English
A set of songs written after titles covering the alphabet--one for each letter-- covering an expressive range from bebop to samba to folk pop, and from wild humor to the deepest sorrow.

A Different Temperament: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1
A jazz guitarist's joyous and inventive multi-tracked interpretations and improvisations on Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1.

The Well-Tempered Singer-Songwriter (24 Moods)
24 songs, in all the major and minor keys, reflecting more different moods than the author even knew he was capable of.

24 Preludes (2004)
A jazz guitarist's homage to Chopin and Scriabin. These are pieces for solo guitar, with no multi-tracking involved.

Farewell Forever
A 7-minute work for multiple guitars, using cinematic techniques to produce some surprising and beautiful effects in this deeply romantic, impressionistic trip inside a musical kaleidoscope.

20 Years
My life in the years 1981-2000 retold in 21 new songs, starting with I Wanna Die (that one covers ALL the years) and ending with What Am I So Afraid Of? Includes The Summer When You Were Twelve, Cindy Was Her Name, Darling I Love You, My Visit to an Anarchist Collective, Don't Quit Your Day Job....

Life's a Bitch
Funny, sad, romantic and wise songs written in 2006 by Jazz Comic Philosopher Andy Fite, a genre in himself.

The Goldberg Variations: a Jazz Interpretation
A jazz guitarist's multi-track reinvention of Bach's timeless masterpiece, played in jazz time on anywhere from two to twelve guitars, in places faithfully and in places as a jumping-off point for some original improvising.

Oratorio: Super Bowl XIII - January 21, 1979
A dada poem derived from the TV commentary on one of the all-time classic games in American Football, set for Vocal Kaleidoscope, with solo guitar station breaks and a halftime show featuring a couple of funny songs, and one romantic one, and also a pretty bit from Brahms.

20 from '10
All twenty of the songs I wrote in 2010, including Regular Old Neurotic, Where Am I Now?, I'm Gonna Kill You, I Don't Want to Wash Myself, Let's Start a War, There Is No Santa Claus, and two duets with the wonderful Lina Ericson: What Do You Want to Do, and Polite. It was a good year.

Andy Fite & Ulf Åkerhielm: A Place to Play
A joyous all-out improvising album by an a unique guitar/bass duo, featuring long swinging lines reflecting a background in bop as well as a Tristano influence, and some of the best arco bass playing ever recorded.

Krachy, Fite and Dirke: Sweet Fulfillment
An all-out improvising set with tenor saxophonist Charley Krachy and pianist Boel Dirke, recorded in New York City in 1994. Standard tunes and free improvisations, and much spontaneous interplay. Features one great vocal by Boel Dirke, and a couple maybe not-quite-ready ones by Andy Fite...

Here now are additional notes on some of the albums, followed by a list of CDs made in the 80s and 90s and released mostly through New Artists records. The link to that wonderful record label follows that list.

November 2011:
My ABCs: 26 Songs in English
Another Comprehensive idea occurred to me in 2007: why not a suite of 26 songs written from titles, with the titles beginning with each letter of the alphabet? It is my usual comfortable practice to begin with a first line of text, then let words and music develop organically together. And here, with a guiding idea like this one, that works only if the title line is the first line. Funny how you know whether a line is a first line, or something you have to work your way up to. The latter is much harder, I think.
Andy Fite, voice, guitar, bass, bongos and snare drum.

October 2011:
A Different Temperament: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1
eaAnd now, at last after ten years of very enjoyable work, comes my recording of the thing that started the whole 24-key idea, JS Bach's monumental collection of 48 pieces, a prelude and a fugue in each key. I approach phrasing and timing as a jazz musician playing jazz, and most of this music bends right to it. Where it doesn't, or where I at least don't find it, I just play what I want. So there are times listening now where I don't know if one phrase or another was written by the master, or if it tumbled out of me. I do know, or at least I strongly suspect, that I am the first musician in history to recognize that the C minor fugue can be played with only small alterations over the changes to There Will Never Be Another You. I also hope to surprise some people with my Charlie Parker tapestry at the end of the fugue in B-flat minor.

Grego Edwards writes: "An indie music distribution source of some note that carries this album stated in their usual 'people who like x will like this' section that those who like Django Reinhardt, Bach and Warne Marsh will find this album to their liking. Well, I guess. This may be the only album I can think of where those three names don't seem like a stretch... I must say that Andy Fite makes such combinations seem natural and also seem more like Andy Fite than a combination...
[W]hat a different way to go about it! The contrapuntal lines are there or implied, but so are some really nifty guitar improvisations, some swing chord harmonizations, and any manner of other rather brilliant ways into, around and through Bach's wonderful music.
I think I should just say that it's a monument to Andy Fite and his musicianship. And it extends Bach in ways Bach would have dug, being a significant improviser himself."
Andy Fite, guitars.

September 2011:
The Well-Tempered Singer-Songwriter: 24 Moods
Inspired by my 24 Preludes, and already sold on the inspiration you can access by taking on a comprehensive project, I wrote a suite of songs in all the major and minor keys. I already knew about this, but even so was shocked at the range of moods the different keys opened up. And this suite especially does seem to cover a lot of emotional ground.
Andy Fite, voices, guitars, bass, bongos and snare drum.

August 2011:
Andy Fite: 24 Preludes (2004)
Music for solo guitar reflecting a jazz guitarist's love of Chopin and the young Scriabin.
Andy Fite, solo acoustic guitar.

July 2011:
Farewell Forever
An impressionistic work for guitar kaleidoscope, recorded May-June 2011, shifting and evolving and never staying in one place, with shifting meters and tempos, and unusual harp-like effects. It's a single track running a bit over 7 minutes. For a 2-minute taste, go to
Andy Fite, multi-guitar (acoustic)

June 2011:
20 Years
My life in the years 1981-2000 retold in 21 new songs, starting with I Wanna Die (that one covers ALL the years) and ending with What Am I So Afraid Of? Includes The Summer When You Were Twelve, Cindy Was Her Name, Darling I Love You, My Visit to an Anarchist Collective, Don't Quit Your Day Job....
Andy Fite, words, music, voice and guitar Other Street Ag-4, 2001

May 2011:
Life's a Bitch (and I'm Her Guy!)
The songs came fast in 2006! I was in a romantic mood (as ever...) and spending a lot of time with other songwriters, and I think something new opened up in my writing then. This one includes Run Away, Forever Yours, Nobody Loves Me, The Song of the Average Male, Is This Heaven? and Say It Three Times Fast (I'm Obsessed with Sex).
Andy Fite, voice, guitar, bass and bongos,
Lina Ericson and Virginia Pihlblad, voice on Say It Three Times Fast
Other Street Ag-29, 2006

April 2011:
Andy Fite & Ulf Åkerhielm: A Place to Play
This is a pure jazz album: a set of guitar/bass duets, improvised from the first note right down to the last based on some good standard tunes, reflecting my fascination with the Bach-Tristano concept of a long melodic line packed with multiple meaning, and featuring some of the stormingest straight-ahead bass walking I've ever heard, along with Ulf's matchless arco soloing. I'm very proud of my own playing on this one, but Ulf's work here constitutes a major contribution to the history of the bass in jazz!
Andy Fite, guitar, Ulf Åkerhielm, bass
Other Street Ag-11, 2000

eaMarch 2011:
JS Bach: The Goldberg Variations-- a jazz interpretation
Thanks to Lennie Tristano, the Swingle Singers, the Modern Jazz Quartet and others, there is a widespread awareness that Bach has a lot in common with jazz musicians. If you just loosen up your time feeling and bring out, even just a little, the accents implied in the turns of his melodic lines, the stuff comes out swinging like anything! But the Goldberg brings JS even closer to where we are, because here he is actually doing, even formally, exactly what we do: spinning out chorus after chorus on a 32-bar tune. Exactly the kind of tune that an improviser can get the most out of. When I played this version, I let myself go ahead and improvise when I felt like it, and now when I listen back, I can't always tell anymore what Bach wrote and what I made up on the spot.
Andy Fite, multi-guitar
Other Street Ag-22, 2005

February 2011:
Oratorio: Super Bowl XIII, January 21, 1979
A dada poem following one the all-time classic games in American Football, set for Vocal Kaleidoscope, with solo guitar station breaks and a halftime show featuring a couple of funny songs, and one romantic one, and also a pretty bit from Brahms.
Andy Fite, voices, guitars, bass and snare drum
Other Street Ag-41, 2011

January 2011:
20 from '10
All twenty of the songs I wrote in 2010, including Regular Old Neurotic, Where Am I Now?, I'm Gonna Kill You, I Don't Want to Wash Myself, Let's Start a War, There Is No Santa Claus, and two duets with the wonderful Lina Ericson: What Do You Want to Do, and Polite. It was a good year.
Andy Fite, voice, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, snare drum and bongos
Lina Ericson, voice
Other Street Ag-42, 2011

Carl Arter Quartet: Song From Far Away
Carl Arter, piano; Andy Fite, guitar; Leon Lee Dorsey, bass; Ron Tucker, drums
eaEarwig Records, Chicago, 1984

Liz Gorrill/Andy Fite: Phantasmagoria
Liz Gorrill, piano & voice; Andy Fite, guitar & voice
New Artists Records, New York, 1988

Liz Gorrill/Andy Fite: Cosmic Comedy
Liz Gorrill, piano; Andy Fite, guitar
ea Recorded in concert at Greenwich House, New York City
New Artists, 1990

Andy Fite/Red Mitchell: Everybody Got Happy
Andy Fite, guitar and voice; Red Mitchell, bass and voice
Recorded live in Stockholm, Sweden
New Artists, 1991

Krachy, Fite and Dirke: Sweet Fulfillment
Charley Krachy, tenor sax; Andy Fite, guitar & voice; Boel Dirke, piano & voice
New Artists, 1992

Richard Tabnik Quartet: Life at the Core
Richard Tabnik, alto sax; Andy Fite, guitar, Calvin Hill, bass; Roger Mancuso, drums
New Artists, 1992

Andy Fite: Whirlwind
Andy Fite, solo guitar
New Artists, 1994

Bob Casanova: From the Inside Out
Bob Casanova, voice; Andy Fite, guitar; Charley Krachy, tenor sax; Boel Dirke, piano; Rich Califano, bass; Lynn Seaton, bass; Alex Gressel, bass; Carol Tristano, drums; Roger Mancuso, drums
New Artists, 1994

Carol Liebowitz/Andy Fite: Time On My Hands
Carol Liebowitz, voice; Andy Fite, guitar
ea New Artists, 1997

Harry Schulz: Havin’ a Ball
Harry Schulz, voice; Andy Fite, guitar; Rich Califano, bass; Roger Mancuso, drums
New Artists, 1999

Linda Satin: The Way I Am
Linda Satin, voice; Connie Crothers, piano; Andy Fite, guitar
New Artists, 1999

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